Lomos &other toy cams in taipei?

I’m on the lookout for a toycam & was hoping someone might know where they’re stocked. I plan on trotting over to “Camera St.,” but some more concrete info would be sweet. Thanks!

IIRC Eslite stores around Taipei are a good bet. I got the details in an e-mail a while back, I’ll check up for you.

That would be awesome if you could scrounge up the details. Thanks heaps!

Sorry man, couldn’t find them. But e-mail laurent(at)lomographyasia.com, he’ll be able to help.

There’s this thread about lomo. I never found out what it is. It seems to be shrouded in mystery like the great pyramids.

Considered that the original poster of that thread deleted all his/her posts and got banned (I suspect for deleting the posts???), the old thread is not really of much help :s

Anyway, the Eslite opposite of Taida used to have a display case for lomo cameras in their stationary department on 2nd floor. I never checked their prices, though.