London is currently hotter than Taipei

Never thought I’d see the day that the maximum temperature in London would top the maximum temperature in Taipei in the summer. Tomorrow it might reach 40 degrees C here. Bear in mind that the UK is not designed for this kind of weather. Metros, buses, and most homes don’t have air conditioners, houses are designed to trap heat to keep warm in the winter, etc.

Is this a sign of the “new normal” for the planet?


I have no idea if it’s the new normal. I know there have been heat waves in the past.

But the reality is, we are making moves to move our residency out of the UK. This is just another strike on the list for us for the UK. Awful long winter and no infrastructure for the summer.

The good news is our office has air conditioning in every room. It’s something we specifically asked for. Our employees are happy working and I’m going to be grinding my way out of the UK. There’s no reason for me to go back to our “luxury” flat with no air conditioning.


Did your employer sponsor your UK residency in the first place @Andrew0409 ?

This also means they can trap the cool air from an A/C.

No. We own our own business. I have 2 years of work rights with a graduate visa. I can extend it because obviously any country would want someone employing locals to be able to stay.

But I’ve seen enough of this shit show. This place is incompetent at everything. Thank god Boris is out but I have 0 faith anyone can improve anything from either party.


Yes, I was just looking at temperatures for previous summers going back to 1990. But the difference is, firstly, they’ve never gotten this high. But, secondly and more significantly, they never used to last this long. In the past, it was always a couple of days and then they were gone, so nobody ever felt the need to buy an air conditioner. For the last few years, these heatwaves have gone on and on and they get hotter each year.


It’s just absolutely bizarre as I was wearing a jacket in June as it was cold. Now it’s like this :scream:

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They seem reasonably science based with their Covid policy, is that a positive for you? (That’s all I’ve got really).

Totally agree, sadly. The clowns on both sides are unbelievably incompetent. I try to think this through objectively, but I really think they’re more incompetent than ever before. Thatcher, Major, Blair and even Brown (the PMs I lived through before Cameron) were not stupid people, for all their other problems. But, as with the crazy weather patterns, I think the extremes in the UK are a symptom of a wider problem effecting the whole world.


I think people just weren’t having it anymore. Nothing to do with science. The Brits aren’t so compliant as other people which can be a good thing or bad thing.

But the way they handled it with Boris was a joke. For example, some mandates would be implemented 2 weeks later. Like why would that be, if it was important why not implement it right away not 2 weeks later. It was just bizarre how the government tried to go about doing things.


insulation and that type of construction works better in heat than our concrete boxes. is London similar construction to here?

I sure hope you guys at least aren’t up in the 80s and 90s for RH, then you’re doomed!

I miss the 40s in western Canada / USA. dry as a bone.


During this spell( July and August) of hot weather temperatures exceeded 32 °C (89.6 °F) at several weather stations within the United Kingdom every day and the town of Cheltenham had eleven, including seven successive days from 1 July - recording 35.9 °C (96.6 °F) on 3 July.[4]

Global warming was really bad. Then it took a break for 45 years. Obviously the earth is getting hotter, but this heatwave is nothing compared to 1976 so I wouldn’t be worried about this being the new normal.

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No, because the weather will be back to normal within a week or so. In winter, it will be ‘the coldest winter on record’ news pieces out again. But, the ‘new normal’ is to paint a picture of doom at any opportunity. Then the soothsayers will come in with their solutions which milks money away from where it should go - a competent ‘infrastructure’ for example.

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competent infrastructure lol. what snake oil are you speaking of?

gotta get the soothsayers out of politics before that is very likely.

70s to now is a very short time frame. climate change is not just about c02. it’s about construction, agriculture, logging, suppressing natural events and so on. western north America is burning each year due to many factors, it’s hard to ignore.

And now much of Europe seems to be on fire . . . :slightly_frowning_face:


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The infrastructure they have invested in in Scandinavia?

Working seismic survey in southern Alberta, I remember setting up on a marker, in July, at 40 degrees, thinking “I set that marker in January when it was 40 below.”
I’ll take the rain coast.


Are they going to take off those stupid things today?