London piping

Is there anything more satisfying than taking a dump in your fav. bog? I’m home now, and I just laid a cable on ‘old faithful.’ Aah.

Glad you made it safely home. I’ll have a tipple in your honor.

Tom, did you remember to flush your bits of paper? They will frown on you using the bin back there!!!

I flushed baby. I flushed.

Must be pretty difficult to use round bog-roll after using flat sheets for so long.
Make sure you don’t push any shit up Hill.


Are you still going to bog…erm I mean log in here once in a while?

And don’t shower on the bathroom floor, OK?

:notworthy: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo:
Classic post. pictures are priceless!
Biggest problem between my wife and I?
2 inches of water on the floor when I want to take a leak.