London's Underground Explosions-Info/News/Updates

I’m sitting here at work listening to BBC Radio 1.
Apparently London’s “Tube” has been closed down following 2 explosions.
Not many details at the moment.

Sounds like a power line explosion so far, rather than terrorism.

Yup, power surge it is. Two different stations had explosions and the whole network has been closed now. Police are treating it as a major incident. So far only one person’s health is being described as “at risk” thankfully.

Apparently people were having to smash the train windows to escape. I’m sure they were petrified.

Ironic that CNN’s website would carry the breaking news headline before the BBC’s, no?

[to be fair, I’m comparing the two front World pages; once I opened the BBC’s UK page, the story was at the top]

Must have been one hell of a power surge to leave people lying on the ground, blackened, in different parts of the city! Sounds like the beginning of W.O.W. … Yikes!

But the BBC says

Hmm… :ponder:

I guess it’s just that they can’t really report on anything unless they’re 100% sure.

holy shit :frowning:

here we go again

here’s a live public blog from the bbc:

[quote]Our train from waterloo via Kew Bridge was delayed, we where told it was due to a suspicious package at waterloo.
Anonymous, Wimbledon

I was on the Piccadilly line when the tube just pulled out of Kings Cross around 8.45. A huge bang and the train jolted the lights went off and the carriages filled with smoke/dust. We were stuck there for 40 minutes some people we’re getting desperate and kicked through a window eventually we were led down the carriages and through the tunnels on the way out. It seemed very peculiar when we were evacuated out of the station. There also seemed a lot of police around. A few people were injured and everyone covered in dust… As I walked to work there was a huge explosion in the Russell Square Euston region…
Stuart Turner, London[/quote]

Both services are backing off of the power surge bit. Looks bad.

Bush is in Scotland. I retract my IRA comment.

“Explosions Go Off on the London Subway”
Updated: Thursday, Jul. 7, 2005 - 5:39 AM

ARTICLE SNIPPET: "LONDON (AP) - An explosion destroyed a double-decker bus in central London during rush hour Thursday, police said. There were reports of casualties.

The bus exploded near Russell Square not long after several blasts were reported on London subways, police said. A witness said the entire top deck of the bus was destroyed."

here it comes. I, for one, have been expecting this for some time.

Sounding more and more like some kind of terrorist attack, that’s for sure. I want to find out about anything that might be happening in Scotland – that’s where the G8 meet is taking place.
Goddamn fing murdering towelhead bastards. Oh dear, is that un-PC? Well, too fing bad.[/quote]

Let’s give it a bit more time…

get some more facts

(although, my gut is wrenched) I’m biting my tongue for now…

I feel like such an ass now telling her that CNN said it was just a power surge. She says nobody in the office is talking, they’re all just sitting there or trying to phone their families. I’m feeling more and more depressed just talking to her about it. Actually depressed is not the right word.

How about scared shitless?

To any of you who have friends and family in London, I’m sending out a scatter-gun pattern of my deepest hopes that they’re all OK.

She’s lost cellphone contact now. I guess the network is too busy.

Just read that ex-Israeli PM Netanyahu was scheduled to hold a meeting at the time and place of one of the explosions.

This doesn’t help me much but for you folks who know London better…

[quote]I’m in the office on Leadenhall Street and just stepped out to visit a client. Police road blocks prevented me from doing so and it appears that buildings on Leadenhall Street are being evacuated as far down as Creechurch Lane. There is a large crowd gathering on Leadenhall Street and mounted Police are lined up across the street. Sirens can be heard constantly through the windows.
Nick Ellis, London England[/quote]


[quote]Union: ‘Explosive device’ on Tube

Rail union officials have said their sources had told them there had been at least one explosive device on the Underground. One explosion happened at Edgware Road and there were suggestions of two other explosions at King’s Cross and Aldgate. Union sources said they had been given the information by at least one senior Tube manager. [/quote] … world_news … -headlines


An explosion destroyed a double-decker bus in central London during rush hour Thursday, police said, and several blasts also went off on the London subway. There were reports of casualties.

Officials shut down the entire underground network after the explosions. Initial reports blamed a power surge, but officials were not ruling out an intentional attack.

The attacks came a day after London was awarded the 2012 Olympics and as the G-8 summit was getting underway in Scotland.


I saw this unfold on CNN and uh, I don’t know it doesn’t sound positive considering there has been a few attacks during previous Olympics. In a sense its good that NYC lost so there’s no anticipation to what might happen before 2012. I just really hope that it isn’t a terrorist attack on London. No one deserves a rehash or similarity of what happenned during 9/11.

[quote=“jdsmith”]London Times is calling it first I guess:

I thought I called it first. Not that I can derive any pleasure from that, in such an incident. I’d like to echo Sandman’s hopes that yours are all safe…

[quote=“sandman”]To any of you who have friends and family in London, I’m sending out a scatter-gun pattern of my deepest hopes that they’re all OK.[/quote] Thanks. I SMSed my sister who is in London at the moment. I tried calling her. She’s OK and at work. I have two sisters living in London. One is in Denmark right now.