Long distance options


I am wondering if there is an equivalent of US dial around numbers (like 1010220) in Taiwan? I have been using 005 instead of 002, but it is not exactly cheap.

If no dial around numbers, what are some cheap long distance options that people have been using to call US? Thanks!

002 and 009 are charged every six seconds.
019 is charged by the minute and is cheaper

All of these are through Chung-Hwa, though you could probably sign up with one of those other companies that advertise in the papers.

I dial 012 on my prepaid (IF) cellphone and it costs me about 3.4 NT per minute (12 cents). I think that’s cheap considering it costs my parents over a buck a minute to call me! The connection is sometimes great, but usually just OK. Part of that is the cellphone, I’m sure.