Long distance rates to London, UK?

Anybody know how much Chungwha charges for calls to London?
How much per min(in NT) to a land line?
To a mobile?

Are the costs the same if I call from my cellular?

ps Are there any good calling cards to the UK I can get in Taipei?

merci beaucoup!

I used to use 006 cards until they stopped the toll-free line for calls from cellphones here.

I’ve been using E-Call cards for a while and they’re pretty good.

The other day I bought a CVS card and that was good.

As far as I can work out, the rates to cellphones and landlines are the same. I’ve phoned my sister’s cellphone a couple of times and got a decent call time.

I know a method that you can call almost any country in the world (except undeveloped countries) for only 4 NT per minute, and you don’t have to buy any cards or fill out any forms, and there’s no monthly fee.

Here’s how it works: Call 0951-300-888. Then you will hear a recording in Chinese which simply says to dial the phone number you want to call followed by the pound sign (hash key). But actually, when you hear the recording, you have to first dial 002 and then dial the country code and area code and phone number, followed by the pound sign (hash key).

The charge is only 4 NT per minute, regardless of which country you call, and the charge appears on your regular phone bill.

I’m sure it works for any European country, as well as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. But it doesn’t work for India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and other undeveloped countries.

This number only works for calling landline phones, though. For mobile phones, it depends on the country. It works when you call a mobile phone in the USA, but it doesn’t work when you try to call a mobile phone in Australia. But I’m not sure if you can use it to call a mobile phone in Britain.

You can call this number from a mobile phone, but I’m not sure how much you will be charged because it depends on which “plan” you have for your mobile phone. Phone numbers starting with 0951 or 094 are usually pagers (beepers), so you can ask your mobile phone company how much you would be charged to call a pager.


Do you have any further details on this? I’d be very interested.

I call Australia and France mainly, and use CHT 002. I find the rates quite hefty.


Huang Guang Chen,

What other details do you need to know? Actually what I wrote above is everything that I know about 0951-300-888. I don’t know the name of the company that runs it, and I don’t know how they make any money from it. But I just know that it works, and I’m sure that it really is only 4 NT per minute when called from a landline. (But the price is probably different if you call from a mobile phone).

Do you call landlines or mobile phones in Australia and France? If you use 0951-300-888, you can’t call mobile phones in Australia, but I know another number which will let you call mobile phones in Australia, and it’s also only 4 NT per minute. I don’t have that number with me, though. It’s at my other house, and I won’t go back there until Friday. But first tell me whether or not you need it.


Okay, now I have the phone number that used to let you dial a mobile phone in Australia for only 4 NT per minute, but it no longer works! (I just tried it.) But even though it no longer works for dialing Australian mobile phones, you can still use it to call any landline in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America, South America, and East Asia for the same price.

Here’s the number:

Dial 0943-897-320, and then when you hear the recording, dial 4941. Then dial 002 and the country code and the area code and the phone number.

By the way, here are a few other numbers that also let you dial overseas for only 4 NT per minute:

0943-894-323, then dial 5328.




And I already mentioned 0951-300-888.

I’ve compared all these number, and I found that the sound quality is the best with 0951-300-888.

The only decent thing TEALIT gave me is this comparison calling chart :

[quote]The only decent thing TEALIT gave me is this comparison calling chart :

Here’s a much more detailed chart, which shows you the prices charged by all four long distance companies, as well as when using the 0951 and 094x numbers.

I forgot to point out that you can also use the 0951 and 094x numbers to dial domestic mobile phones. If you directly dial a mobile phone from a landline in Taiwan, it costs between 6.0 and 7.7 NT per minute, depending on which company the mobile phone is using. But if you use the 0951 and 094x numbers, then it only costs 4 NT per minute.

As for dialing overseas mobile phones, I just found this website which shows you which countries you can dial mobile phones using the 0951 and 094x numbers. You can see from the chart that you can only dial mobile phones in USA, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and South Korea (and Taiwan). But you can dial landlines in 32 countries.

I dial back to a UK landline for 1.5 NT per minute, and the USA is even cheaper. Have never tried dialling to a mobile so not sure if it works but can see no reason why it would not, although price might be different.

This is done via the PC dialling over the internet. In the 12 - 18 months that i have been using it i have only ever had two really bad connections, with most being quite acceptable. There is sometimes a small time delay of a couple of seconds, much as there used to be on th eordinary phones a few years ago, but this very small inconvenience is more than offset by the price.

A 002 call with CHT runs to approx 1000 NT per hour or 16.7 NT$ per minute

A 002 call with CHT runs to approx 1000 NT per hour or 16.7 NT$ per minute[/quote]

Ack! 16.7NT per min with CHT!!! Geezeus.


You seem to know quite a lot. Can you please let me know what about
service to India as I already did see that the service you mentioned is not
available for India.

Calls to India are quite hefty for me too.

Help appreciated!

I hope you’re not referring to me hehe, since I know zilch so that’s why I posted the question.

I do know that the refillable internet phone card that I’m using gives me 600 mins for $15 cdn(0.6NT/min per second billing) to call back home in Vancouver though(landline or cellular).

Don’t know anything about calling India, but nobody should have to pay hefty rates for any phone call imho.

Sorry, I don’t know any cheap way to call India. For some reason, it’s always very expensive to call undeveloped countries like India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, etc. But for calling other countries in Asia, I found a card at this website that lets you call these countries for less than 4 NT per minute:

Singapore: 1.5 NT
Japan: 2.0 NT
South Korea: 2.0 NT
Malaysia: 2.5 NT
Hong Kong: 3.0 NT

For all other countries, the price is more than 4 NT per minute, so it’s cheaper to use 0951-300-888 or one of the 0943/0947 numbers that I wrote about earlier.

And here’s the price for countries outside of Asia:

USA: 2.0 NT
Canada: 2.0 NT
Australia: 3.0 NT
New Zealand: 3.0 NT
Most Western European Countries: 3.0 NT

The card is called “Intercall”. Actually, Intercall sells lots of different cards. This website lists all of the different Intercall cards.

Using an Intercall card isn’t as simple as using the 0951 and 0943/0947 numbers, though, because you have to fill out a form to order a card, and the cards cost either 500 NT or 1000 NT each. Then when you get the card, you have to first dial a local phone number, and then when you hear the recording, you enter your account number and password, and then dial the number you want to call. So you get charged for a local phone call in addition to the above charges, but the price for a local phone call is only 0.30 to 0.53 NT per minute, depending on which “plan” you have. (It’s 0.30 NT for the “C” plan, 0.32 NT for the “B” plan, and 0.53 for the “A” plan. The “A” plan is the default plan if you don’t tell the phone company that you want the “B” or the “C” plan).

By the way, the charges that I wrote above is for the “Asia card”. Intercall has another card (at this website) which is only 1.2 NT for calling USA or Canada, but with that card, it isn’t quite so cheap to call Asian countries. (See the rate chart here.)

Intercall also sells an “Australia and New Zealand card”. If you use that card, it’s only 1.5 NT per minute to call Australia or New Zealand. And they also have a “Europe card”, which charges only 1.5 NT per minute to call most western European countries. You can see all the different cards at this website.

I’ve never tried using these cards before (I always use 0951-300-888), so I’m not sure how good the sound quality is, but this is the only way I know to call overseas for less than 4 NT per minute unless you use the internet.