Long Hair Daschund

I’m looking for a Long Hair Daschund, for a reasonable price. If anyone knows of someone who breeds them or has a young(baby) pup or where I could buy one, could you send me some information.


i’ve seen them on occasion in shops on keelung near tonghua night market. pretty cool-seeming guy right next to small temple had one before.

And don’t forget to demand to see the mother and the father – daschunds here suffer from a host of complaints due to excessive inbreeding. Very severe hip dysplasia is so common here that local puppy mill operators will try to tell you it’s “normal” for the breed. They nearly all have very poor kidney, liver and lung function too, also from excessive inbreeding. Unless you import it from a real breeder overseas, expect it to live for no more than 5 or 6 years – the fucking cunts who breed them here will try telling you that that’s also “normal for the breed.”

I think what the previous posters meant to say was:

"that type of pooch is highly illegal and cannot be obtained for love nor money in Taiwan, and even if you could find one, it’d probably kill you in your sleep…

but can we interest you in one of these lovely, healthy, playful and affectionate pups that are not only 100% guaranteed to not tear your throat out while you sleep, but also to make loyal and adorable companions for life… " :wink:


Glamit, have you ever owned a dachsie?