Long shot, but looking for some specific Taipei commercials

My wife and I were in Taipei this past October visiting relatives (her aunt, uncle and two cousins) and got a huge kick out of some of the commercials running there.

One involved all these cute pastry animals eating each other.
Another involved some people eating hot wings and blowing steam out their ears. The last guy has some kind of general’s hat and flags on his shoulders.
The last one that I can remember involved some Party in a bucket at the beach.

Any chance these are out there on the web, or folks may know the names of the products? Just thinking about these commercials still make my wife and me giggle like crazy!

That was my first time to Taiwan and I have fallen in love with the country since. We have decided to return every two years for 2 weeks to 1 month at a time.


Oh, any you guys have any favorite/funny commercials?