Long weekend in Bangkok

I’m taking my gf to Bangkok for a long weekend. (I know, I know - coals to Newcastle… :wink: ) Any suggestions for restaurants, places to check out? We’ve both seen the National Palace, and the temple with the reclining Buddha. What else? No need to mention the seamier distractions - I don’t think we’ll be needing them…

Jim Thompson’s house is interesting. You get a guided tour when you buy a ticket. It’s close to the National Stadium Skytrain station.

A canal tour is good, but they probably vary in quality a lot. Up until about fifty years ago Bangkok had very few roads, so the canals were the main means of transport and the centre of city life. If you go a long the few remaining ones you can catch a glimpse of what old Bangkok was like.

The Vimanmek Mansion (or Teak Palace) is worth visiting. You get a guided tour with your ticket there, too. It is set in nice gardens so it is pretty relaxing and gives you the opportunity to escape Bangkok’s traffic and pollution for a while.

Ayuthaya, although a little way out of Bangkok is most definitely worth visiting. If you go mid-week there won’t be many tourists (its too hot at the moment anyway). Click here for an example of some of the things you might see there.

A lot of the tours to places like the Rose Garden, Crocodile Farm and Floating Markets are over rated. They are just tourist traps.

A short canal tour would perhaps be interesting or take one of the water taxis for a more local touch.
Pratunam Market is a good place to shop for cheap clothing and you may take a trip up to the Bayoke 2 Tower (tallest hotel in the world) which gives you a great view over BKK, it’s just a stone throw away.
From Pratunam it’s only a short distance to the World Trade Center, too, where you can wine and dine or do some up-market shopping.

As well I recommend a trip to the Chatuchak market, last stop of the skytrain (but don’t ask me which direction). It’s HUGE but also very hot & stuffy inside. Best and cheapest place for souvenir shopping and local specialities (food stuff). Bargaining is of course expected.

The Hard Rock Cafe is quite nice if you want to hang out on Friday or Saturday night. Not sure if it’s your cup of tea but it’s my fav HRC in Asia. Alternatively check out the disco in the basement of the Novotel near HRC, if it still exists that is.

So, Maoman, how was it? Dish…

Yes, Maoman, how was the long weekend? Did you discover any interesting things to do? How about the food? Yeah, what excellent Thai food did you have? Please let us know. (I’ve been wanting to take a long weekend to Thailand for a while now, but with all of the SARS hoopla, I’ve stayed put.)

I guess he ist still in the mandatory quarantine for foreigners, so it will be a VERY long weekend … :wink:

I think he must be talking about this coming weekend, when we have Thursday, May 1 off for Labor day. I don’t think last weekend was a long weekend in Taipei.

By the way, I can also vouch for the Teak Palace and Chatuchak weekend market, but I would suggest you skip Bangkok and go to ChiangMai. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to Chiangmai for the first time last year.

Heading off to Thailand shortly and will be spending a few days in Bangkok. Anyone know of some decent hotels that won’t break the bank? Been to Bangkok a few times and have experienced both 5 star and backpacker inns of Koh San and so looking for something between the two and not to far out of the main areas. All suggestions are appreciated!

I always stay at the Nana on Soi 4. Good service, good food and being it’s right across from NEP it’s VERY convenient. :wink:


Not too far from there, but considerably less sleazy is the Grand President Hotel on Soi 11 off of Sukhumvit Rd. It’s very close to the skytrain, too. They have three swimming pools in three adjacent buildings (only one of them gets the morning sun, so choose carefully if you want to get a tan before lunch. Their breakfast buffet is inoffensive, and you can get three nights/4 days for 150 bucks. Their telephone number is +66 (0) 2651 1200-29.

The chain’s main website (President Park)is not linking to this hotel for some reason, but you can still try e-mailing them at gpesa@presidentpark.com

I usually stay down in Banglamphu, the riverside of Khao San. Phra Arthit Road is a nice strip at night, lots of great outdoor eating and strangely very little of the Khao San madness finds its way down there. There’s a great blues bar back down towards Banglamphu next to the Baghdad Cafe.

Other pluses are the ferry terminal directly across the road. The coffee shop next door (Rickey’s Cafe) and that its right over the road from the airport bus stop. Oh, and there’s a neat ferry that operates during the day on a klong up to Silom Square. Cuts out the traffic and heat. It’s a 5 minute motorcycle taxi ride from th hotel to the ferry. Saves all that pissing around near Khao San.

Its also quite cheap to jump in a taxi at night from Phra Arthit Road to virtually anywhere in Bangkok.

Pra Arthit Mansion
22 Phra Arthit Road
Telephone: +66 02-+66 02-280-0742
Fax: +66 02-280-0742
The apartment-style Pra Arthit Mansion is in a quiet, convenient location close to the Tha Phra Athit riverboat stop. It offers good rooms all with air-conditioning, TV, hot water and mini-bar. The staff is particularly friendly and helpful
Price Range: $600 - 850 baht.


Grand President is good but bargain that price that Anthony mentioned. Their small rooms can be had for 1400 baht. Never agree to prices in USD in Thailand as it will be much overpriced.

I usually stay at Centrepoint (Silom) www.centrepoint.com. It is a serviced apartment right next to the skytrain and right above a supermarket and department store. Pretty comfy and convenient. They’ve got other branches around town. Ask for a government discount and you can get a pretty good rate for a one-bedroom apartment (1,200 baht) or an upgrade.

The Royal Benja is nice. The breakfast is awesome! The location is good, near the SkyTrain and there are lots of bars and shopping places nearby.

I stayed in Wood Lands Inn last time (this year) I was there. Clean and comfortable enough at those prices: 350-550 (or up to more?) Baht per night for a single room (including breakfast): private bath, air-con, hot water shower, TV (very few channels though), w/ or w/o fridge. Very near from Si Phraya Pier, River City Shopping Complex and Shangri-La Hotel, also near from Silom Road. Sky train the Taksin Station is about 15-20 minutes’ walking distance.

Wood Lands Inn is located in the Indian District. It’s quite safe although it’s near notorious Chinatown. I had no problem at all walking alone on the street at that area at around 10-11pm.

Breakfast is awful and served late (open from 8:30?), but the rate is already cheap so I don’t mind skip their breakfasts most of days. If you don’t look for extra facilities, and go out early and come back late to your room, like me, I would say the Inn is quite a bargain.

Website: www.woodlandsinn.org (by the way, I browsed their website just now, to be honest the facade was really not as modern as the photos show :? )
Tel: 2353894, 2356640

Cheers for the suggestions guys! Plenty of them and all good. Going to be in Bangkok for about 4 days before heading down south for a couple of weeks. Nice to start off the trip in a nice hotel. Anyone ever stayed at the Amari Atrium? Looks like a decent place as well. Again, cheers for the previous suggestions.

Many people talk about Thailand in these forums.

I am planning to visit Thailand soon, though for a very short time

I need some inputs on the best two/three places i should see in Bangkok

I will reach Bangkok at noon, then we have a connecting flight to Phuket at 7:30 p.m in between we have few hours to spend in Bangkok. On our way back home also we have around 5 hours to spent in Bangkok so we can also do something that time

Since I know nothing about it, can someone suggest what all I can catch up with in this short time?


My wife and I are planning to visit Bangkok and the travel agents are just giving us a long list of hotels to pick, but we have no idea where to stay, what hotels to pick near the best sites.

My wife and I want to see all the of the Best Interesting Sites of Bangkok, including the Culture, some Interesting Shows and Entertainment, Music, Best of the Temples, Night Markets or Day Markets, Beautiful Architecture, Gardens and Museums. In other words, the best of Bangkok, since I have never been there, and may never have this opportunity again. I would like to see the most beautful and most interesting sites in Bangkok, and hopefully find hotels near these sites that are affordable.

Thank you for any forthcoming help on our journey.


Bangkok’s a big city, so you’ll have to make some kind of choice – you’re not going to be near all the interesting stuff, no matter where you stay.

I stayed in a guesthouse called Phra Arthit Mansions a couple of months ago. A bit old, but clean and comfortable and the owners are nice people. 800 bhat for a double room. Its on Phra Arthit Road just across the street from the ferry pier there, and very close to the Khaosan Rd area, which is one of the biggest tourist trap areas, I believe.

The wife and I were in a tour group a few years ago. It all went by too fast, but I remember eating on a boat on the river, seeing some dudes that looked like ladies, and a very graphic sex show.