Longtan: Snack Bar

MEAT PIES mmmmm Apple or Pumpkin pies mmmmm Chocolate mousse!! Coffee pudding! drooooooooool Salad yum, banana and red bean cakes! fruit cake! frozen cheese cake oh my! Low fat creamy dessert! delicious! hand-made cookies of many flavors! strawberry! chocolate! lemon! taro! what a selection! variety of tea drinks! fruit smoothie!

Ok ok, enough making you drool. :laughing:

Check out this Snack bar located in Longtan, 389 Longwha Rd.

A web-site, too! Look at those pictures! geocities.com/happysnack8/

:help: I’ve been pigging out on the choc mousse! :astonished:
Good thing it’s all low fat! :smiley: :sunglasses:

18 views and no replies! Am I the only person enjoying this lovely food in Longtan? :laughing:
I’ve seen some other foreigners there, too. Even 2 Mormons. Come on, fess up!
It’s a great place to grab a meal, or a healthy light snack. You have to try the meat pies, the chicken one is my favorite.
Did I mention their menu is in English and Chinese? Well it is. They also have photos of every product, so if you don’t want to talk, you can point! :wink: