Look for passengers flying to SF by China Airline!


We had rescued some stray dogs and now they have found adoption families in SF. We need passengers by China Airline to bring dogs over there for us. If any of your friend is wiliing to help, please contact Ying-wei at [color=red]p8219wei@yahoo.com.tw[/color]. Thanks~!

We need passengers flying to [color=red]San Francisco [/color]by [color=red]China Airline[/color].

Please help us find passenger to send the homeless to their new homes~!

Hey y’all,

I KNOW that these people are doing the same thing we are, day in, day out. They’re just not sharing it with us through Forumosa. They have already found new homes in the US for Taiwanese dogs that didn’t stand a chance here. And there’s money for the dogs’ flights. All that’s needed now for the dogs to be in their new, loving, permanent homes is people willing to take these dogs along on their flight from Taipei to SF. It is supereasy! I speak from experience. The dog(s) will be taken to the airport by someone from the organization. All paperwork, medical check ups, EVERYTHING has already been taken care of. When you check in, the dog is checked in at the same time, same place, like an extra suitcase. Any and all charges are paid by the organization. You don’t even need to touch the travel cage. The dog will go on its way, as your suitcase will.

In SF you wait on your suitcase and you wait on the dog cage that will be delivered at the odd size luggage. You wheel everything through customs. All paperwork is there, attached to the cage, and you may have been given a copy as well. As soon as you leave customs you and the dog(s) will be greeted by someone who acts for this organization, and the dog(s) will be taken off your hands. So it’s totally hassle free and you have the satisfaction of having helped rescue a dog and turn his/her life around. JUST DO IT!