Looking Back on Now: The Age of?

I wondered the other day how we will look back on now, how we will categorize now or what we will call this time-period. I wondered if the US had its golden age of Rock-and-Roll in the 50s, protest in the 60s, disco and exercise in the 70s, etc, how will people refer to this current period? I imagine this won’t ever happen, because it doesn’t seem Taiwan’s history/culture is broken down into decades, but it still might be interesting to try it. Is this the Age of Variety Shows or KTVs? Is it the Age of Bad Teeth? Let’s hear it.

Huh?? :loco:

This will be known as The Age of Almas John.

The adjective of choice will be “Almasian”.

Currently popular theories on keeping beer cold shall be known as “Almasianist”.