Looking for 1 or 2 Mandarin classmates

I think I’ll want to do class 5 days a week starting in March, but one-on-one would be expensive and probably pretty boring. Between now and late February I’d like to find one or two persons that are at a level similar to me and like moving at a fast pace.

Classes would be at the Mandarin Daily News.
It looks like my schedule will be really flexible at that time and doing 3 days a week would be OK too. The pricing would be as follows:
[ul][li]About 5,280NT/month for 3 days a week if I find one other person.[/li]
[li]About 3,600NT/month for 3 days a week and 6,000NT/month for 5 days a week if I find two more people.[/li][/ul]

I know I’ll be available for classes starting between at 5pm or 7pm at that time, but I also might be available for 1pm or 3pm classes as well (I haven’t decided if I want to work full-time or not next semester).

I’ve been studying on and off for about 5 years. I’ve had 2 semesters of classes at Shida. I just snatched Practical Audio Visual Book 3 (Shida’s book) off my shelf, randomly flipped to a chapter and didn’t have any trouble reading it (but I didn’t know all of the vocab, I’ve never had a class using that book). I think a can easily recognize about 1,500 characters or so. Listening is good. Speaking is OK. Grammar and writing probably sucks.

The main focus of these classes are to prepare me for going to the school here (college). I’m confident I could get by with the level of Chinese I have now, but I’d be struggling real hard. I want to decrease the amount of struggling I’ll do when I start school. Basically, I’m mainly interested in reading and writing.

PM, post or email me miltownkid (at) gmail.com

I wouldn’t mind someone joining me now if they wanted to, it’s just that I decided to start from their (Mandarin Daily’s) book one and truck through it until I have problems.

Judging by how your describe you level- I’d say that we are at about the same level. I had pretty much decided to go the wen hua in February but I’ve been thinking about the place you are talking about too. I am interested ,but I wonder about their content- I dont want them to ‘disseminate Chinese culture’ in class. Whats you experiences with them in terms of topics n stuff?

oops…that should have been a pm

Is 12 noon an option?

2 hour classes right?

I’d be interested in either 12-2 3 days a week or 1-2 3 days a week.

What book do you want to start with. I actually like the Shida books and would be keen to start with Book 2 下 or Book 3 at a pinch.

If this doesn’t suit, don’t worry about it. (Or alternatively wou;d you be interested in a Taiwanese class a couple of times a week at lunchtime?)


I might actually like a Taiwanese class at luntime sooner or later (most likely later). I’ll be skipping the Shida books (kind of) and going on to what they tell me is harder books after I finish the books they have. I’ll bring book 1, 2 and 5 to game club tomorrow so you (or anyone) can see them.