Looking for 2 more Kindgarten age boys to form a Lions Den in Pack 91 (Taipei) of the Boys Scouts of America

Hi! My 5yo son is now in kindergarten. I asked James Sung (Cubmaster for Pack 91) about the new pilot program for kindergarten boys (Lion Cubs), and he explained that we need 2 boys by 9 September to form a Den.

Pls contact James directly to learn more at taipei.cubmasterpack91@gmail.com


Please note:

There is a monthly meeting in Taipei American School (TAS) + the Den itself will meet 1 or 2 times a month depending on the current activity. The Den meeting does not have to be in TAS/Shilin.

No, non-English speakers are welcome, BUT it is based in TYPA (Taipei Youth Program Association) after all. Also, this Pack is affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, not the Scouts of China.

There are 3 parts to the cost:

  1. NT$ 5,000 per year to the Boy Scouts of America
  2. NT$ 1,200 ONE-TIME registration with TYPA
  3. NT$ 2,900 (approx) for the uniform

Plus, there additional costs related to the camping/hiking and certain activities.

Please contact James Sung at taipei.cubmasterpack91@gmail.com
Deadline to form the Lion Den is 9 September. We need 2 more boys to form a Den this year.

Some additional information

TYPA is a great non profit. I worked with them as a coach for their sports program. Good way for kids to get involved in things outside of schools in taiwan.

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The mother of a prospective Lion Scout asked if Scout meetings are always on Saturdays. For the regular Cub Scouts (not Lions) the monthly activities are on Saturdays. But for Den meetings, at least for this pilot Lions Den, these do not have to be on Saturdays - they can be at the mutual convenience of the Den scouts.

Please contact James if your son in kindergarten may be interested in joining the new Lions Den of Pack 91 (Taipei)

Just a follow up: we did it! We were able to recruit just enough Kindergarten age boys to form the pilot Lion Den for Pack 91 :slight_smile:

Last Saturday was the Raingutter Regatta Pack Event (the Lions are all dressed in a different uniform from the rest of the Cub Scouts)

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Hi All, I’m bumping this older thread to say that it’s registration now for Scouting via TYPA. I have kids in both girl scouts and boy scouts. Feel free to PM me if you want (although I don’t check forumosa daily). You can also contact TYPA directly. There’s an info session for Girl Scouts this coming Saturday, Cub Scouts have their first pack meeting September 21, and the older boy scouts meet Tuesday nights at 6:30.

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What’s the minimum age to join in?

For Girl Scouts, the first level is Daisies (Kindergarten / 1st Grade).

For Cub Scouts, you can join in Kindergarten (lions) but it really starts going with Tigers (first grade).

For Boy Scouts I think it’s 11 years old or sixth grade or completed the Cub Scout Arrow of Light.

Other things to know:
-Because it’s through TYPA a foreign passport is required.
-Cub Scouts also allow girls this year and there will be at least one. Boy Scouts also allow girls now, but I think there’s no troop created yet.
-This is all for US Scouting–of course Taiwan’s own scout program works differently.

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