Looking for a 4-day break. Osaka / Kyoto - experiences?

Hi, Im looking to take a short break - away from kids - hence the “short”. Too short for a beach, so I’m thinking Osaka or Kyoto might be a good place. I’m looking for advice, or experiences that might help…I’ve always wanted to go to Japan but I don’t have much idea about Osaka. Also, did anyone find reasonable package deals?


I went to both cities a few years ago now. I loved them both for different reasons. Kyoto should be absolutely beautiful now, with the cherry blossoms coming out. It’s a delightful city with lots of beautiful parks and temples, and lots of little alleys with interesting shops to explore. In Osaka, I got to see some really good Japanese bands in local bars, and had a great time just watching young people in the busier shopping areas, and trying on the crazy local fashions. It definitely had a more urban feel to it than Kyoto.

I have been to both places a couple of times for conferences (which normally double as a get-away from wife and baby thing; nothing wrong with that). I love both cities. You can’t and won’t go wrong. Incredible food, so much great booze all the time, vistas, etc. If you are used to Taiwan but unfamiliar with Japan, then Japan will come as a VERY nice relief. Cleanliness (or at least a pretty high degree of it, an original culture, and a vibe -perhaps in part created by being a different elevation/ mini-hemisphere- that you will NOT mistake with Taiwan’s, makes it a very worthwhile short-term getaway. I wholeheartedly recommend moving forward with the trip.

Thank you both. That’s exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. :bravo: