Looking for a band / 找個樂團當主唱

大家好, 我是Sera (23),希望有人可以幫助我
找個樂團當主唱 (也會彈鋼琴)
中文,英文,荷蘭文, 我都會!
我沒有特別喜歡的音樂風格,只知道搖滾較適合我嗓子 :)
有興趣的話,可以給你聽我以前記錄的歌,看一下我合不合適 :slight_smile:

Hi, I am Sera(23), hope someone can help me out ~
I’m currently looking for a band, as a vocalist (lead is not necessary) (I can also play a little piano)
I used to be in a rock band in my home country and I really miss making music; I hope to find (Taiwanese) friends and join a new one :slight_smile:
Does anyone know of someone, or is anyone looking for a singer at the moment?
I speak Chinese, English, Dutch (and some other languages)
I don’t have a specific music taste, but I know my voice is suitable for rock mostly
If you’re interested, I can give you some old recordings to listen to, see if I suit your style.
Let me know!
Thanks for your help;

(ps. hope this post belongs here ! So sorry if it doesn’t)