Looking for a Boston Terrier

After a great deal of consideration, I’ve decided that our home would also make a good home for a dog. I’ve done extensive research and filled out several online forms that lead me to believe that a Boston Terrier would be a great fit for my family. This particular breed seems perfect for us, but it seems that this is not a very popular breed in Taiwan and may be hard for me to find. I’m also very concerned about inadvertently supporting a puppy mill or other unacceptable acts.

I’m posting here to see if anyone could put me in touch with a Boston Terrier.

A few comments:
[ul][li]we have 4 kids ages 5 to 14.[/li]
[li]we do not have access to large open areas for regular exercise[/li]
[li]we do have a large-ish courtyard that would be perfect for the exercise a Boston Terrier requires[/li]
[li]we host many guests and it seems that the Boston Terrier would accommodate this well[/li]
[li]I’m very interested in adoption and would consider breeds and mixes other than a Boston Terrier, however, “fit” with our family’s lifestyle is most important to me because it gives the best opportunity for success both for my family and for our doggy.[/li]
[li]Another breed that occasionally pops up in my research is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I still prefer the look and personality of the Boston Terrier, though.[/li]
[li]strongly prefer a puppy… but “fit” is more important than this single issue[/li][/ul]

Thank you for any advice, direction, and help you can offer!

You can contact Animals Taiwan and visit our rescue centre and check out the dogs yourself. You can take a few for a walk and see if any fit your family. We don’t have a Boston Terrier but we do have many other dogs of various ages and sizes that you may be interested in.
you can email adoptions@animalstaiwan.org or call the centre on 02-28338820 to arrange a visit.

Thanks UKbikerchic. Actually, the first place I inquired was Animals Taiwan… even before posting here at Forumosa. We’ll definitely go there before we settle on a dog for our family. I’m sure we’ll find some there that will seem like a good fit while we are there, but one of the more important qualities for our dog will be that they are good around people they don’t know. We wouldn’t necessarily know that from taking a dog for a walk. Of course, just because Boston Terriers are known for their acceptance of strangers doesn’t mean that the one we might find would necessarily be like that. We’ll try to explore all options and use discretion in making a choice. I really appreciate your reply and advice.

Really the best way to find out is to foster first rather than adopt right away. Most rescues are constantly in need of foster families for dogs that they rescue because it frees up space and resources for them to help additional animals in need. It is great for someone thinking of adopting too, because you are doing a good deed, and you get to try out a specific dog in your family without making the full-on commitment. Everyone, including the dog, knows this is a foster not a permanent situation. Of course many fosters do fall in love and end up adopting the foster dog. In other cases, the dog moves on to a “forever” home, and the foster family either takes a break or fosters another dog. When I was doing dog rescue in San Francisco, I easily had twenty foster dogs come through my life before I fell in love and kept one for myself.

I hadn’t even considered that possibility… and that could be exactly what we need to do.
Thanks for your reply and advice.

Yes fostering is probably the best way, however it is similar to our tryouts too. Several of our dogs (animals taiwan) have been adopted by their foster parents. A friend of mine is currently fostering an Animals Taiwan doggie with the option to adopt later when he is more secure and can properly decide.

I hope you can come on by. You will be able to get a better idea of what you and your family are looking for.

Best of luck and hope to hear some good news soon of a furry friend entering your family :wink:

I have a Boston Terrier and can say they are a great dog for Taiwan. I got mine from a reputable breeder in the south and can probably dig up there contact details if you’re still interested…send me a pm

Do they get eye problems here ?

I’ve had her for about three and a half years and no problems. She gets blood shot eyes from time to time but the vet says its nothing to be concerned about.

I use to have bigger dogs back home but adjusted quite well with the Boston Terrier. She almost never barks and can leave her during the day time while at work. Strangely enough for how big her eyes are probably the worst depth perception of any living being on the planet.