Looking for a boxing gym

Anyone know if there’s a boxing gym or club in Taipei that would be suitable for a 32-year-old Taiwanese woman?

Is it for you or someone else ?

Matt… you are so mean to poor Sandy…

I know there are some boxing classes at the local gyms… but I saw a real boxing gym up on Ming Zhu road, can’t give details, but if you head west on the road, you will see it (butts up to the airport runways)


If you mean Queensbury rules boxing, you got me. But if you mean the martial arts sort, you could try Mr. Mike Lee at aikilee@yahoo.com. He is (if I remember correctly, don’t hunt me down like a dog and injure me Mike if I am wrong) a fourth don black belt in Aikido and is very helpful to those who wish to learn at any level. He might know of other places for pugilistic pursuits.

Club Planet (next to Carnegie’s) plans to have a boxing program starting in September. They will have a boxing ring and everything. I will let you know what I think of the program later. I think it will definitely cater to females as well as men.

Does anybody know where the boxing pub is that I saw on TV? I really hate those TV programs that tell you all about some interesting place and then don’t tell you where the hell it is.

Vacuum Space (VS) does a fight night (two people go at it wearing boxing gloves windmill style for a couple of minutes each, about 6 fights per night) I believe on Saturday starting around 1:00am.
208, FuHsing S. Rd., Sec. 2, B1 (MRT Technology Bldg. Station)
(02) 2700-6535
Hours: Mon-Tues 8 pm

Yep, that would be VS (Vacuum Space).

Are talking about a chick boxing gym or a REAL boxing gym on Min Zhu Rd.

I saw two people sparring as I drove by… one male one female… did not look like a Chick place to me… but then I was driving by…