Looking for a buxiban partner

I’m looking for a husband and wife team to partner with in order to grow our buxiban. My reasons for this are two fold:

  1. My wife and I are overworked.
  2. We need a cash infusion to expand our buxiban.

I’m looking for someone that has a ton of experience working with younger kids. Both the husband and the wife should be able to teach and manage a buxiban. It isn’t enough to be a capable teacher though. Teaching needs to be your career and your passion.

These are the things that I need from a partner:

  1. Move to our location by September
  2. Have $1,000,000 NTD to put toward the school’s expansion.

Taking on a partner is a big step for us so we will take things slow until we have all of the information. We will have a contract made up detailing what each party is responsible for and ways to disolve the partnership if necessary. I see this as a step toward opening more schools around Taiwan.

Comment below if you are interested or have any questions :slight_smile:

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Good luck!

To be clear, I see this as a 50\50 partnership but that isn’t set in stone.