Looking for a CD called 3,000 Chinese characters

Has anyone heard of the CD? It’s produced by a Taiwanese company and is meant to help students learn the “most important” 3,000 characters. I think the company is called Far East Publishing. Anyhow, if anyone can help be get a handle on this CD, please let me know.

Yes, it is published by Far East, [color=red]the very company that just terminated a 3 year contract with me after 1 year and with no severance pay or New Year’s bonus[/color]. But I digress.

If you can’t find it in the bookstore, you can go to their offices on Chongqing S. Road. I don’t remember the exact number, but starting from the Burger King on Chongqing S. Road, walk north toward the train station. It’s on the same side. If you look up, up, up, there is a big red sign on the side of the building. I can probably dig up the address in case of utter necessity…

Thanks, I actually sent them an email explaining I wanted to buy the CD but they never responded!

Anyway, I would be very grateful if someone could make me a copy of this CD to see whether it’s worth buying.

I can’t buy the CD myself because I live in Hong Hong.

What do you plan to use it for? I have a copy here and could give you my ideas on it based on your goals, if you like.

For me, the interface is too clunky to be of much use. You can’t move easily between characters; you have to go through this enormous “list” screen with like 500 characters on it in tiny blocks to pick the one you want. The content is OK, but not spectacular (I edited it, so I know the content well; don’t need to say that I had no particular input on the content however). It’s a nice idea, but as usual with Far East, they are not thinking about the needs of foreign learners (not enough example sentences, for instance), but rather “adapting” stuff they think a Chinese learner of English would (and does) use to learn English. They have had foreigners offer ideas, but they are rejected across the board. Tradition-bound patriarchal organization.

The book and CD are a nice idea, but I’m glad I didn’t pay for 'em. :sunglasses:

Basically, I want to learn (pronounce, recognize) 3,000 characters. If there is some other software and method that will help me do this, I would like to know. But I don’t want to pay for the software to find out it’s useless.

I would take a look at Wenlin’s Chinese learning software. They include an example sentence with each 2 character word. It’s a bit pricey though at $200USD. PM me and let me know what you think after looking at wenlin.com


I have it and would happily furnish you with a copy. I dont rate it very highly though. It is nice that audio pronounciations are there but as an actuall learning tool,its …well…shite. its fine for reference though. pm me with your details and i will run one off for you.

oops, what i meant 2 say was, i can loan you my copy and you can audit it for yourself