Looking for a chef job


I am from Czech Republic, I spent 2,5 years in Scotland and started to work as a chef. I really love this job and want to find a job in Taiwan as well. Unfortunately I did a mistake and lost my working holiday visa. If I want to stay in Taiwan, I have to find a company that’s willing to give me a job and apply for working permit for me.

Is there anyone who has experience about looking for a company that’s willing to apply for working permit? I want to work in a fine dining restaurant or luxury hotel.

Feel free to send me an email to eliska.prokesova@gmail.com if you are willing to help.

Thank you.

Usually hotels are most likely to hire foreigners as chefs and to sponsor them. Chefs tend to be in short supply. Go out to hotels and ask, especially outside of Taipei.

If you know any Taiwanese friends, ask them to help you find another job on the job sites like 1111 or 104 as well.

What kind of chef?

Can’t get working permit as chef. There are ways around but you really need to have special skills that your employer will bother with that process.
Also basic Chinese is required almost everywhere because you work in team.
I won’t say it’s impossible but very hard to find job as chef that will provide you working permit.
If you have working permit then it’s quite easy to get job, especially in restourants owned by foreigners. Have in mind that average pay is around 30000ntd, overtime not paid and shift form 9am to 9pm.
There are always some good exception and I wish you luck. Keep us posted if you find any job.

there would be two categories.

  1. The job definition of A02
    transportation business
    (tourist hotel business) and
    A15 (restaurant business)
    cook is as below (in
    accordance with Standard
    Industrial Classification by
    Directorate-General of
    Budget, Accounting and
    Statistics, Executive Yuan):
    (1) Executive Chef: his/her
    work is to supervise and
    plan events relevant to
    cooking in the dining
    places as well as design
    menu and creative
    dishes. Cooking is not
    (2) Chef: the person
    engages in cooking in
    the hotel, restaurant and
    other places. Those who
    engage in simple food
    preparation or preparing
    fast food in advance are
    not included (e.g.:
    Commis III and
    Assistant Cook).