Looking for a computer font that looks similar to the way Chinese people write


Does anyone know if there is a computer font that looks similar to the way that Chinese people write by hand? I have no problem reading Chinese characters on a computer screen or in a book but when they are written on a white board I find it hard to read the characters.

The characters that I am trying to read are not written in a cursive script but because the lines are not very clear I find it more difficult to distinguish the characters.

My theory was to download a font that looks like Chinese handwriting and then convert a news article from Yahoo TW into this font using MS Word to improve my reading ability of written Chinese characters. Would this work?


there’s a group of 華康(dynacw.com.tw/) handwriting fonts.
a few examples

and there’s a 華康鋼筆體 (ball pen font)


or just do a google search for 手寫 字體


鋼筆行楷繁 ont this page is a good one, in my opinion. cooltext.com/Fonts-Unicode-Chinese

Another one can be found here: wazu.jp/gallery/Fonts_Chines … ional.html

Thank you for all of the links. I have picked one that I like.