Looking for a DELTA tutor


I posted a while back looking for a DELTA (cambridge diploma of English teaching to adults- next step from CELTA) tutor for the next distance course starting in September 2007. I thought I found someone, however he is unable to do it now… so I’m still looking.

Does anyone know of anyone who can help me out?

I’d really appreciate any help!!! The application deadline is at the end of this month (June).

Taidong RB

Taidong RB, sorry that I’m unable to do this for you. At present I don’t believe there is another Distance DELTS Local tutor on the island.

However, anyone out there with a DELTA (or DTEFLA), some teacher training and teacher observation experience is able to apply to Cambridge for this status and I would recommend it. It’s not paid but it is a great thing to have on your cv, helps you remain current and informed in the classroom and will stand you in good stead for future work with Cambridge.

If anyone feels they are in a position to apply and needs any more information, you can either contact me or go to www.thedistancedelta.com

I have a few DELTA teachers on MYU.

PM me if you have any questions.

Here’s another site on the rise with DELTA teachers on it called teavid . There you can also see the teacher’s resume before you decide to contact him/her.

Good luck.http://www.teavid.com