Looking for a DJ residency in Taipei

Hi guys

I live in Shanghai. Unfortunately, I’m no longer in Shanghai, due to Covid. I’ve been thinking for a while that Taipei is the next move for me (for professional and personal reasons).

I’m looking for a DJ residency in Taipei. I play EDM, Hip Hop, Tech House and House. As a producer, I have produced Hip Hop, Techno, Tech House and EDM. I am focusing on making EDM and Bass House now. I come with my own visuals as well.

Check to see if you are eligible for the Gold Card

I qualify under Culture & Arts. I’m looking to do this full-time. I am confident in my abilities to work hard and and to make a difference in Taiwan’s music scene.

I’ve no idea what the specific requirements are for culture and arts, but if you’re really sure you qualify that would seem to be the easiest route.

I imagine that it would be easier to find something like this once you’re already in Taiwan, especially as you would be able to do casual work and get yourself known here until you find a longer-term thing.

Highly unlikely anyone will give you a residency if you aren’t here already. There are a lot of DJs here already.


You probably already know, unless you have shiny resume that will immediately open doors, need to hit up clubs and DJs for some exposure and opportunities. Lot’s of DJs in Taiwan, both local and foreign, competition. Residency will take some time and work. Visuals could help depending on club or event.

I don’t usually recommend Facebook, but thats where the clubs, events, DJs are visible to check the scene. And join some Taiwan related groups.