Looking for a Field Guide to Taiwan's Fauna and Flora.

Hi all,

I’m looking for a decent Field Guide for the animals of Taiwan. I could also use one for plants and trees. if not a genuine field guide, then possibly a coffee table book with good pictures of the animals to be found on the island.

Thanks for the help. Cheers.

These guys make good books, in Chinese though. I use their “city bird guide” all the time. It has common English and Latin names and great illustrations, so does 80% of what it’s supposed to do right there even if you can’t read Chinese.


Never tried these before, but worth a shot:



Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll check em out for sure.

We have a proper bird guide in Chinese, that helps us settle disputes when we write articles about birds. It is quite small and portable, and i am told, authoritative. But it is in Chinese.

EDIT: I think it is this one
A Field Guide to the Wild Birds of Taiwan by Wu Sen-hsiang
From here: http://birdingtaiwan.blogspot.tw/

This was linked on that page, looks interesting