Looking for a Golf Teacher

Hi, I started golf about a year ago and practice every once in awhile (but not enough). I would really like to improve, and want to look for a teacher here in Taipei. Does anyone know of any teachers who can teach in English? There has to be some local Taiwanese who can teach in English… right? The only post I found here was from 2006…

I do happen to know of a professional teacher here, who is a native English speaker. I’ll try and get his information for you.

I’m still trying. Keep eyes on this spot.

Thank you so much!!!

Sorry about the delay. I had to get the information from someone that was off the island and in Guam.

So, you should call Geoffrey on 0922753372.

I’ve spoken to him and he doesn’t mind me putting his number up here.

From all counts he’s an excellent golfer and plays with pros. I’ve met him a couple of times and he’s the nicest guy. I hope this brief information gets you where you need to be.

Now, I hope you have your matching socks and bobble hat ready!

I don’t know if this guy is still around, but I almost responded to his post two years ago.

Thanks sulavaca! I contacted Geoffrey and setup my first lesson :slight_smile:

Good to hear! Enjoy yourself!

Where is Geoffrey and what does he charge?

0922753372. Just call him and ask. I know he has transport, so perhaps it doesn’t matter if he’s willing to travel.