Looking for a good hot dog place in Taipei

Put a stick in them and call them erect.

Dog world. The bulldog, thick and short. The Dachshund, long and thin.

Chimichurri on top. Salsa. Spicy salsa. DIY condiments.

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How about a combination hot dog/dog cafe.

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Just open across the street from Costco and they can go there and serve themselves.

How about two sizes?

Long Dog Short Dog
Chang Gou. Dwan Gou

Hmm, I just tied my dog up…where did he go?

Order up!

Wasn’t this an urban legend from Vietnam?

Time Out Tulip is looking for management trainees.

My first official job was in a similar place.

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Went to Timeout in Ximen last week, not bad! Ofc nothing like Portillos, but I’m grateful for what is available.

I just need more excuses to make the trek out to Zhonghe for those Costco hotdogs…

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Time Out in Ximen do really good hotdogs


Jimmy’s Hotdog Club
Hot dogs prepared 10 different ways. There’s also the “naked” dog which you build yourself by using ingredients from the condiment bar. I suspect they use Costco dogs, but I’m not complaining given all the options and the way they’re prepared.
Near Daan MRT (South of Xinyi) in an alley off Fuxing Rd.

Sometimes I want to make cream cheese and chili and then buying Costco hot dogs to eat with…

I like Jimmy’s Hotdog, No. 52號, Lane 30, Section 4, Xinyi Road

  • At least 10 options, slaw dog very nice, very clean and fresh quality. I need to go back and try more dogs, pulled pork sandwich, crispy chicken aioli, and hamburger.


Pulled pork also pretty good. Unlimited refills.


This place is really really good. Awesome flavor combinations, really fresh and actually not heavy at all. Thanks @tango42 for the recommendation!

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A Tulip Timeout soldier has succumb in Gongguan.

You’re welcome!

I cant believe I’ve never seen or heard of this place until recently! Still haven’t tried it but want to soon

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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