Looking for a good hot dog place in Taipei

Oh no, that was my spot…

I still have Ximenting for pre/after movie meals.

I went there today.
Very good!

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The franks from Tienmu Butchery are pretty good if you want to do it at home.

Wonder if Tulip Time Out hot dog shop serves like this?

Is there a place that serves hot cat?

:fire: :cat2:

This does not seem to be a ringing endorsement. :rofl:


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Who is really to blame here?


The hotdog was sold as being spicy, but it wasn’t. However, it shouldn’t have been spicy in the first place.

Is this a case of caveat emptor? I’m not sure what the issue is.

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It’s art.

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In the old days, especially in the military, they would catch stray dogs and eat them… call it “fragrance meat”.

Does that count as hot dog?

Never had a red hot?


The “best” (least bad?) hot dog I’ve ever had in Taiwan is from Costco’s snack bar. A proper Chicago dog is always on my short list of things I have to eat once each time I’m back in the states.


Are they available in 7-Eleven?

No, but they are world famous in America.


Having a hot dog after checking out at Costco is a mandatory stop. I look forward to it even before I’m on the road to Costco.

I’m not saying they’re wonderful, I’m just saying it’s good at the right time.


I think any Red Hots I had in the USA came from a big huge pickling jar on the counter. Bar snacks.

Just pull it out of the jar. No cooking or any preparation required.

That’s good eating!

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