Looking for a job

Hey Everyone,

I am an American who recently relocated to Taipei, Taiwan. I am having some difficulties securing employment. I have had a couple of offers to teach English, but I would rather develop my career in other fields. Right now I am checking the following daily:

Forumosa.com Message Boards
Taipei Times Classifieds
Taiwan Ho! Classifieds
Taipei Times Online Classifieds

Is there anything else I could be doing or any other sources I could be checking? Like I mentioned above, teaching English is an option. But I would rather secure something in another field. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



An idea is to check for any government web sites. Good luck…


Hi thatme20,

not to bust your bubble, but I’ve yet to see an interesting non-teaching related job-offer on the forum sites such as this one here, the Ho! or TeaLit, but of course it never hurts to look …

I’d add the following to your strategy:
Check the daily papers such as Taipei Times, China Post etc., although these also have very small job-sections, but you never know …
Try other on-line sources such as 104 job bank (www.104.com.tw), they have an (abbreviated) English version page and a cv-upload site (or e-mail submission) or the big ones such as monster.com or yahoo etc., filter your search by region and industry, of course …
Which leads to the probably best bet you have: if you’re not interested in teaching you probably have other qualifications or experiences: target potential employers in your area of interest and do some on-line research, followed by some phone- or even foot-based work to contact them directly …

If you let us know what your qualifications/experiences/plans are s.b. might be able to help!?

More ideas anyone? Good luck! Xpet.


Thanks for your post. I have a great deal in the retail industry, specifically electronics. I also have some experience in the entertainment industry as a manager of a movie theater. I also have a 4 year degree from a school in the States.

My plans are to sign a 12- 18 month contract with a multi- national here to get my foot in the door and go from there.