Looking for a job

hey guys, I understand you can get teaching job pretty easily. How about any other jobs, I heard there are few America companies that might be suitable for foreigners…anyone know anything about this and maybe can provide an url? and other then those 2 jobs what are some other decent jobs for foreigners like us?


Don’t you think you would need to state your qualification or area of expertise if you want to know where (in what area) you could work?
There are many “decent” jobs like engineering, though if you are not qualified it’s of no help to you …

There are some marketing jobs working for Taiwanese IT companies writing user manuals, company profiles, ad copy or contacting the foreign press among other things. The pay is between NT$45K to $75K per month, in rare instances a little bit more. Sometimes you get stock, and you get 13 months pay. Taxes are very low, less than 15% if I remember correctly.

Do you speak mandarin? That helps too.