Looking for a laptop or desktop ~10,000NT

If I can’t find one from other people going home, upgrading, etc… where is a good place in Taiwan to shop for computers? (preferably near Doulio, or Chai-yi) Or is there not much difference in price between a local small city 3C store here and another store in Taichung/Taipei?

I only have a scooter so how would I bring home a desktop? Maybe I’m hooped and need to look for a laptop instead… I would prefer a laptop so I can keep it when I leave Taiwan.


take a look!you might be able to find what you want there. :laughing:

In Taibei (Taipei) you can get a new computer for 10kNT or less (without a monitor)

You can get a computer with a monitor and loads of programs on it if you buy one that’s used. I don’t know about Yunlin but a lot of internet cafes are going bust in the Tainan the past few months. Those people who just went of business have a bunch of computers sitting around now useless that they got to offload. Couldn’t hurt to call around.

There’s a great new shop near Shida run by two foreigners, with English service and reasonable prices. See www.thehubtaiwan.com.