Looking for a Microphone for online teaching

Hey guys!

I’m currently teaching online and looking to upgrade my integrated mic to a USB one.

Would anyone happen to know of a store where I could find some? I’m in Kaohsiung.
I’m also open to buying second-hand if someone has one laying around :slight_smile:

Thank you!

The iPhone ones with the mic on the cable work well

I see those in almost every everything store, at least in Taipei. Probably a fair bit cheaper on Shopee though.

Thanks for the reply guys but I’m leaning towards a bigger type of microphone, kinda like what YouTubers/Streamers use.

I already have a great set of headphones so I don’t want to buy a pair just for the mic :smile:

I bought one 2 months ago (blue yeti), wasn’t easy to find because of covid. Only place I found online was rakuten (but I don’t know about shops, don’t usually go there).

EDIT (actually it was Rakuten, not shopee, but both should carry it)

In that case, I’d still suggest buying online personally.

Alright, I’m not familiar with buying online in Taiwan ( especially since I prefer paying with cash ) but I’ll definitely look into it! Thank you guys!

You can usually deliver to convenience store and pay cash, or go to pay at ATM before delivery.

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Yeah, you should still be able to pay in cash via Shopee (on delivery to a convenience store).

Every 3C store everywhere. If you can’t find one, walk for 20 minutes in any direction on any major road and near any market.
Also, shopee.com and ruten.com
And prefer a direct-line mic to a USB one.

First, figure out what you need. Don’t buy a random cheap mic. Get a good quality mic like one of those listed in the article. Cheap mics mean your teaching lessons may not be clear. And if your students don’t give you a high rating, you’ll have fewer opportunities later.