Looking for a motorcycle

I rode a Yamaha SR (RS?) 150 and loved the little bike, unfortunatly the guys got no papers for it so I don’t want to get into that trap.

Anyone know where I can get my hands on one of these? I’d also be interested in a similar bike but I heard these guys in particular are work horses…


Make sure you check out a Honda (or kymco) NSR before you commit. They are two-strokes and therefore very cheap to throw a new piston in if you wanna rebuild your engine (plus they are twice as fast as the Yamahas).

The bikes are chalk and cheese. The OP says he wants a “workhorse”. Whatever an NSR is, it’s not that.

Yes, SR150s are very sturdy bikes and you see them being used as workhorses up in the mountains, for example. The enclosed chain is a nice feature.

They have drum brakes front and rear but they’re actually fine and offer some progression.

The stock headlight is adequate, but not great for mountain road riding in the dark.

The pillion seat is better than that of many small motorbikes though not as comfy as those on the “mini-cruiser” bikes.

Just keep your eyes open for one. There should be a few at local second-hand bike shops. That’s where I got my old one.


What kinda of price is reasonable for a SR 150 in good shape?

(year 2000, vs 1997)

Trying to get an idea.

I’m not sure. It depends a lot on the condition of the bike. If it’s from a shop then I’d say you don’t really want to be paying less than 20,000 or more than 30,000. You should get something decent within that price range but do be prepared to a) get any obvious problems fixed up before you buy it and b) spend a bit more money later on other small problems that may crop up and on getting it running really nicely.

Actually there is a really good mechanic friend guy trying to start up a shop near my place so I should be able to get the bike taken care of really well.

So if anybody sees a Yamaha SR 150 not too old for sale please post on here.