Looking for a nanny in Taipei/Xindian

Hi, We are looking for a part time nanny in Xindian, for 2-3 days a week. starting mid September or later.
Please send me a message, if you are interested in this job.
K & J

You want someone to come to yours or you want to drop the screamer off someplace? I can recommend a lovely woman who has looked after our 11-monther all his life, but he goes to her. We’re in Bitan, 10 minutes on foot from the MRT. She’s really good with him – has two of her own who just started school – and he loves her.

I would prefer a nanny to come over to our place. :slight_smile:
If I don’t find anyone I contact you :slight_smile:

Ok, just let me know. I don’t think she’ll come to your place, though – she has her own family to look after. She might know someone else who could help, though. She’s young – her kids are between 4 and 6 – but she’s one of those women who have their fingers on the pulse of the community and seem to know just about EVERYONE.

I 'm matthieu, I’m living in taipei and I m looking for some hours as a nanny.I already have some experience with children because I was a nanny and a teacher in the past .Feel free to contact me by email nairs@live.fr