Looking for a new job next year

I’ve been here for 9 months now and I’m planning on staying here for another year after I go home for a bit in January. But I want to leave the school I’m working at and work in Taipei City. I’m not really sure how to do this though. I’ve been looking on Tealit and the other websites but they mostly seem to have part-time jobs. Last year, through desparation, I found a job through an agent but i’d rather not do that this time.

I have a degree and a UK passport and one-year experience teaching kindergarten / Bushiban. Does anyone have any ideas where to look?

I have plenty of time so i’m not too worried but i’d like to get something sorted before January then I can work it out that I can keep my existing ARC.

Apart from looking at ads, you could choose the best area for you and go in to different schools “cold” with your resume in hand.

If no one is there who can meet with you, or if the time isn’t good, just leave the resume and ask when you can come/call back.

Some businesses don’t like cold calls, but I think the bu-xi-ban scene here is generally ok with it.

The worst you can expect is a few people running about with confused expressions on their face.

If you do take this approach, be prepared to do an on-the-spot demo!

Have you put your own ad up, e.g., on Tealit and Dave’s ESL Cafe? There are also other sites that let you post an ad/resume.