Looking for a place in Taipei that sells good in-line stakes

I went to a couple of places but the quailty wasn’t what I wanted.

You help would be much appreciated :notworthy:


Do you mean skates?


Maybe he wants a tent on wheels :idunno:

Sorry, there is a decent in-line skate shop on Chienkuo Road right after you cross Sinyi heading toward Hoping on your left about 100 yards past the intersection.


Do you want rec., trick, speed or hockey skates?

i’m actually looking for Rollerblade AERO 6’s and up…or something close

No need to go to Taipei…Chungli has at least two decent in-line skate shops close to Chung-yen University.

I’m sure there are shops in Taoyuan as well. No need to run all the way up there for something that is available down here. Just ask around.

Is that the university close to Neli?

I just made a phone call…They’ve moved to parts unknown. Sorry, you may have to run up to Taipei after all… :blush:

do u know of a place in taipei?

thanks bye the way :bravo:

some of my students told me to check Tai Mall…have you seen them there?

I know a place, but not the address. It’s by CKS memorial hall MRT. Just across the street by all the wedding shops. They could definitely sort you out.

thanks, I’ll be there tomorrow

thanks all…

Sorry, there is a decent in-line skate shop on Jianguo Road right after you cross Xinyi heading toward Hoping on your left about 100 yards past the intersection.[/quote]

Try here.

Monoclub on Aiguo East Rd behind Chiang Kai Shek. They mostly stock roller and ice hockey equipment, but I’m sure the owner can get you any model you’re looking for. Call Geoff at 0935-581-578.


Roosevelt Road, just south of the Jilung/Roosevelt intersection and a few shops past Alan’s bike shop.

Strongly recommend going to MONOCLUB…the owner, Geoff, is extremely professional and knowledgeable (for all that he can be a bit of a smarta$$ after he gets to know you! :smiley: ) and he won’t sell you something just to make a sale. Very good business.