Looking for a place that suits me

Hi everyone ~

I’ll be finishing my degree this year (well I hope so) and I plan to go to Taiwan to keep on studying Chinese.
My big dilemma is finding The place I’d live (and study, if possible) in. I’ve already done some reasearch but it’s so difficult to find the best place :ee

Here is what I’m looking for :

  • a not-too-crowded place
  • some - or more than some :slight_smile: - green areas
  • a not-too-bad air pollution (I didn’t think about it until I read worrisome posts here)
  • an existing expatriate community
  • spots to visit (I love taking pictures and hanging around)
  • a nice weather (from what I read it’s in the west)

I know I might not find a place with all these criteria but if there is one with some or several of them :pray:

I’d be more than happy to receive your advice or experiences.
Thank you !


I think this ought to be in the “Living in Taiwan” section, but…

Do you have a specific school you’ll be attending? That will be your biggest geographical restriction. If not, may I suggest you learn-by-assimilation and find a room up in the mountains or on a remote island? Otherwise good luck on the “not-too-crowded” front.

In truth, most of Taiwan is a massive urban sprawl that looks like the developers had a policy of pour concrete first, ask questions later. An enormous number of people and few green areas. Unfortunately, nowhere really fulfills your list here; you’ll have to pick and choose.

Taipei has a lot of parks (relatively…) and some fantastic riverside bikeways, most of the country’s expats, a lot of spots of interest, and some of the worst weather you can imagine. Taichung has a small expat community, pretty decent weather, but not that much to do or see.
The entire east coast has lots of green areas, is sparsely populated, and has almost no Western expats. And it’s usually the front line of defense whenever a typhoon comes rolling in.

So pick your choice. As Captain Planet would say, the power is yours.