Looking for a place to donate English textbooks

I am looking to donate a fairly large amount of unused English textbooks and workbooks. They are very useful, but many of them are older editions or unknown titles (probably from Singapore or HK). I really hate to throw them into recycling so I would appreciate some direction on what I could do with them. I remember some schools advertising a long time ago about book sales they were hosting and I would like to give them to that sort of thing.
You can PM to pass on your email information if you are interested. I am under some time constraints so I would like to get rid of these books all at once and as soon as possible.

if all else fails, a library should accept most of them (esp. university library). it’ll likely never get taken out, along with the other 10,000 texts, but i’d be surprised if they don’t accept books in good condition.

How about calling Peitro tel 0939449743

He works with aboriginal villages in Eastern Taiwan, they may do English teaching there, too.