Looking for a recommendation on where to live (this is not an ad)

My new office is really close to Xihu station, the thing is it’s not too lively around Xihu station. There are only office buildings it seems. I’m looking for an apartment/room where there are malls, gyms, markets accessible by foot.

I don’t mind waking up earlier to take the MRT (as long as I don’t have to switch lines edit: I guess I don’t really mind if it means lower rent cost haha), so I’m looking for a place along the Zhongxiao-Fuxing station - Neihu station (and close to the MRT station). Where do you recommend?

I’m originally from Taichung by the way, so I’m not familiar at all with Taipei. I don’t know where are the city centers, night markets, etc.

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personally i like the Dazhi area, as well as jiannan road station area. should answer all your needs.
if you want to go down the brown line, technoogy building and liu zhang li are also nice.
it all depends on budget…

I think Liuzhangli is a bit far haha. My budget is under 14k, is that too low?

For that budget in Taipei near an MRT stop, you probably need to look for shared accommodation.

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I am also a xihuer workwise. But I’d second Liuzhangli if you have no scooter.

in my opinion liuzhangli is close to the city center, and not yet gentrified, so prices still reasonable. you get easy access to lots of nice places downtown while being reasonably close to work.

On another note, what do you guys usually use to find apartments & rooms? I’ve been rejected 5 times by 591 sellers just because I’m Indonesian :smiling_face_with_tear: One of them even said “Well, you know how Taiwanese people feel about Indonesians & Malaysians”


That’s fucked and makes my blood boil.


In the end she let me see her room that she’s renting, so I guess she’s not that bad. Although she also added “you shouldn’t be picky & be grateful that someone wants to rent their rooms to you” haha.

So I guess Liuzhangli it is. Initially I thought Zhonghua-Fuxing & Jiannan Road MRT stations were my best choices.

There’s no such station. You mean Zhongxiao-Fuxing.

Why don’t you want to transfer? It’s really easy (except at Nanjing-Fuxing, which is a bit of a hike). It opens up lots of possibilities.

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Edited and thanks for the correction!

I guess I don’t really mind transferring, I’m just lazy haha but if it increases my chances to get better & cheaper places, then I don’t mind

That sounds very bad to me. It’s also illegal

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I’m so sorry you had to go through this. I friend of mine had a similar problem. What helped her was asking a Taiwanese friend to go with her to see the flat. (I know that it sucks to do that, because it’s so unfair that people are being this rude to you)

I only have a few Taiwanese friends and all of them are in Changhua, so I don’t want to bother them.

@the_bear since you work in Xihu, I have a few questions: how is Xihu at night? Is it not lively?

@izzy By the way, what are the city centers of Taipei/Xinbei?

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in Taipei its xinyi,daan,and songshan districts.
in New Taipei i have no idea.

That would be the area around Banqiao Station.

Whoops, I think Banqiao is a bit too far haha

The center of New Taipei is probably still somewhere around Xinyi, Daan or Songshan :whistle:

I often eat in Xihu on the weekends because it’s not lively. Some good restaurants with no reservation required. It’s all offices so quiet, clean at night.

Hi Spicycrispychicken, as a Southeast Asian that just moved here, sucks to hear that :confused: hopefully you have better luck now after these past few months