Looking for a reliable maid in Da An District


We leave near Yongkang Street, Da An Park and Shi Da University and are looking for a reliable and efficient maid. We need her to do the normal cleaning duties (dust, windows cleaning, sweep and wash floor, dish wash if any, ironing…). We’ll probably need her for 2-3 hours a week.
We would prefer someone in a regular situation and would be ready to pay for the extra. By the way, how much can it be?

you might want to check this one out parentpages.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=906 Good Luck!!


You might also want to check the legalities and requirements around the whole issue of foreign domestic helpers in Taiwan. I remember seeing a notice in one of the English papers that clearly spelled out the requirements and conditions for their employment. I know it’s illegal to give part-time employment to foreign domestic helpers who are already registered with a family in Taiwan. Of course, many people are doing it, but I heard if one is caught there’s like a NT$300 000 fine. My info might be outdated and, sorry, I have no link. Maybe some of the other people can help. All I’m saying is be careful.

I would like to recommend my cleaner/occasional babysitter - however, she only speaks Taiwanese and Mandarin. She’s a local lady who has been working for us 18 months and I have found her hardworking, honest, reliable and very pleasant and helpful. She charges NT250/hr, minimum 3hrs/wk, negotiable for longer hours/frequency of visits. She lives in Neihu, but will do Tienmu, downtown and other places easily accessible by public transport. Currently she works for two other families besides us (one local, one expat), but we are leaving next month.

Yan4-Yun2: 2798 8611 / 0916 510 862 [numbers posted with permission]

You are also welcome to PM me for further details/information.


Sorry mate! I went a little off topic I guess talking about ‘foreign domestic workers’. I think you might have enquired about locals But then, I haven’t really seen many of the locals doing domestic work.


I am looking for someone in a regular situation, i.e. a foreign person who can legally work as a maid (I doubt there is…) or a local Taiwanese person. I certainly do not wish to have problems with any government body nor to have to pay medical fees during my whole life because the maid was illegal and get injured at my place.
By the way, how can we legally employ a household helper? Do we need to register that person somewhere? To the Labor department?


There is an organization/foundation that assists mistrated women, and also help them to find employment as maids/cleaners.
We have had ours for many, many years, and we are very happy with her. Also one of our friends found their maid through this service, and we have only received satisfied feedback from them.

P.W.R Fundation
Fundation office Tel. No.: 25216196;

Everything is in Chinese, so you would probably need to get some assistance from some Chinese speaking person.

We pay NTD 1000,- for 4 hours once a week.

It also gives some satisfaction to support a good cause as well as helping someone that have had some unlucky breaks.

Hope this helps.

I called the foundation suggested by X3M. The only problem I have is the set-up is quite rigid. The lady must do 4 hours of cleaning per week and she must come every week… not less. I tried to explain that we do not need so many cleaning hours just because the apartment is not that big and we are just my husband and I. So the lady said, she will see if “someone will be willing to come for less hours”… Then I explained, she will maybe do less hours at our place, but then she can compensate by going to more places. I gave the example of our friend that is also looking for a maid, but he is single and does not do cooking… so definitely he does not need 4 hours per week either… I guess I did not succeed in convincing her. They shall call me back in one week…
The other thing worth mentioning is besides of the NT$ 1000 / 4 hours given to the maid, we need to pay NT$ 400/month to the organization, that can be deducted from your income basis.

Oh, well, good luck in your seach then…

Sorry… but I am still looking for a maid… Daasgrrl’s maid does not want to do it unless I pay her 1000NT$ everytime she comes… and since I only need her for 3 hours/week… I am not going to pay a higher price.

So need a maid for Da An Park district for 3 hours/week @ 250NT$/hour and we also have a friend who will need a maid from time to time.