Looking for a scissor sharpener

I have a bunch of scissors here that I need sharpened, but have no idea where or how to do it. I’ve been looking for a knife sharpener that comes as a stick, rather than the kind you slide your knives through (because they don’t work on scissors). I checked IKEA, but they’re all out of stock at the mo. Anyone seen these knife sharpeners anywhere? Or know where/how to sharpen scissors?

Well, one easy way to do it is stack a few tinfoils together and use the scissors to cut through it, usually does the trick. If it is still not working, then you can find sharpeners either in B&Q or stores like (大潤發, 愛買, 家樂福, and etc.). If those stores are too far from you, you can also find them in a japanese store called “Tokyu Trailing” (台隆手創館), which located in Breeze Center (微風廣場) corner of Civil Blvd, and Fusing South Rd. (市民大道&復興南路口), 6th floor (I think), or Mitsukoshi A4 (新光三越a4館), on the 5th floor, I think, the one next to Eslite bookstore (誠品信義店), near the Taipei City Hall MRT station(捷運市政府站).

in case you need to ask the clerk to help you, it is called 磨刀器 in mandarin.

Hopefully it helps!