Looking for a slim laptop

hey all,

i’ve been looking at getting a macbook air (particularly now the new model has decent graphics card and 120gb ssd).

what i’d like to know is if there are any other options out there right now with similar size/specs? i’ve heard the lenovo thinkpad x300 is an alternative but I know nothing about it, or any other options.

little help?


EDIT: just checked out the x300 specs. not quite in the same league as the new mba. i’m sure there are other options out there tho :slight_smile:

I’m extremely happy with the Thinkpad X61 that I bought about a month ago. Very light, very small, but perfectly decent-sized keyboard and faster than any other computer I’ve owned.

I don’t know what you would use it for or if you have ever worked on a Mac before, but if given a choice, I would say get the Mac. They are awesome little machines with applications that make all the others look antiquated.

It’s also probably several times the price of the Thinkpad. I paid about NT$32k. :slight_smile: