Looking for a vet in Kaohsiung who can do blood tests

I’m in the process organising a the movement of two dogs from Taiwan to the Uk. At this point I have to get them blood tested for Rabies. The problem is I can’t find a vet in Kaohsiung who knows how to do this. I’ve heard of an Animal Clinic called ‘Calafornia’ somewhere around here, and there might be others. Any information you can give would be much appreciated.
By the way, if it’s of any use to anyone, I’ve learnt that the only airline that qualifies for the UK Pet Passport scheme, the one in which your pet doesn’t have to go into ‘Q’, is Singapore Airlines (Cargo). The route is Taiwan - Singapore - UK. Contact Shirley_Liu@singaporeair.com.sg

Hi Interpol,

The Hengli animal hospital can do this for you.

326 Mingcheng 1st road. It’s past Dollars about 5 blocks down from Mintzu Road. They have a tall blue sign and it’s accross the street from a huge park. I know of another one in Kaohsiung city but I don’t have the address on hand. And then there’s one on Zuoyingda Road in the Zuoing district too.

PM me if you need further directions.