Looking for American Comic Stores in Taipei City

Does anyone know where I can buy American Comics in Taipei, both back issues and new. Do the taiwanese read American comics? or mainly translated versions of Japanese manga and Honk Kong produced comics, which I see every where I go. I’m looking for the final issue of batman the dark knight by frank miller. I have issues 1 & 2 but missed the final issue as I left for taiwan and it had yet to reach the stands back home. I know it is a long shot but I’m a big fan of will eisner and am always on a look out for material by him. So can any point me to a comic shop in Taipei City that sells new and old American comics?

I was going to tell you that you could buy some at the main Eslite store on DunHua St. BUT I went there last night and they were all gone. So now I don’t know where to go. Have you thought about trying to order it off E-bay?

I’m looking for American comics too… Batman, Spiderman, Archie & Veronica, whatever…

There’s a place over on Jin Hua Street between DV8 and Jin Shan S. Rd… across from the Apple Computer store that sells all kinds of American comics. Its called Bananna something or other, I think.

Preferably and most likely in Taipei, but if there is anywhere at all, please let me know!

What about trade paperbacks? Any of the bookstores carry bound compilations of comics like “Fables” or “Y–The Last Man”?

My husband has hundreds & hundreds of comics he collected since he was a kid in the US and brought over here to be with him. Now he wants to sell some of them, any suggestion how he can do this in Taipei ? aisharin@hotmail.com

bookstores i’ve seen us comics in are eslite and the japanese chain in sogo/takeshima. don’t recall seeing a specialty shop for english comics.

aisharin try leaving messages on the boards outside jake’s/tasters/wellmans in tienmu.

To Amoreton
What does your husband have for sale? I’m particularly interested in stuff by will eisner, chris ware, matt wagner, etc. etc… Post a list of titles and artists, and if possible price in $NT!
In regards to american comics (Marvel, D.C, Image, etc…), I haven’t seen much around, but that doesn’t mean that they are not out there some where. About 3 years ago I was in Kuting and I visited a toy figure shop that had some current stock at that time of Marvel and D.C stuff. Well good luck looking. I fi see something I’ll post again.

duh, that store is right around the corner from my office. i do seem to remember seeing comics there. it’s on nanchang, just north of hoping (Heping), across from the park.

OK- I’ll ask him which are the ones he wants to sell and list them here. I know he has lotsa “superheroes stuff” (pardon me I’m not a comic person - just see them as boyz stuff) and a couple of "odd ones " :wink:

This is the place to be:

Wanted: Metal Men 1 and Showcase 37

I would be interested in any non-violent comics. Archie & Veronica, Richie Rich, stuff like that. Amoreton, ask your hubby if he has any stuff like that in his collection, will ya?

Well there’s two things I’d be interested in if anyone sees or has seen them. The first is British comics of the style of Sandman etc. The second is the Cartoon History of the Universe.


passed by today, it’s called “comics kingdom”.

Comics Kingdom only has ‘manga’ books – the Japanese junk.
The only place that I have ever seen US comics is in the Caves Bookstore in Tienmu, but their selection is very limited.

btw, you have buyers here, but the seller is silent…I am interested and have been collecting comics since 1968 and would like to see the whole list. Where are you?

I already informed my hubby to prepare the list - he’s surprised that we could actually sell them here but said he could only do it this weekend coz he’s preparing a speech this Friday. Yes. he does has Archies et other non-violent stuff. Some of those he has still come with the original plastic covers and they’re in excellent condition. Anyway, we’ll get the list out by Monday - the latest.

Why does this immediately spring to mind?

Hi all,

Try Banana Comics. Probably the best Western comic store in Taibei, at least in my experience.


And a nice list of other comic stores:


– Rachel

They have moved to an alley off Xin Yi road and Jin Shan. www.banana.com.tw

It should be the first alley on the west side of Jin Shan

They have moved to an alley off Xin Yi road and Jin Shan. www.banana.com.tw

It should be the first alley on the west side of Jin Shan