Looking for bar/club/space that

has good line of sight…to a stage. I’ve only been to the Londoner, and it’s pretty good, but even the taxi guy with a gps couldnt find the place, so I’m not convinced this is such a great location…In addition, they say to have only 50 seats…ideally would like around 100.

So does anyone else happen to know of any other places in Taichung that would be good for doing a stand up comedy show there? We’re planning on taking our show there in Feb…and would appreciate any and all advice…tks

In english???

I would love to go to one of those scene in Taichung…

Londoner is a great location and everyone knows where it is(except your taxi driver). Fubar would be great to, located on Soho street in the heart of the action.(little Europe) Soho street is a little strip of pubs and shops and often has shows. The show would be outside if you chose this place. They have a stage. So when are you coming? I’m excited about some stand up in Taichung.

89k also has a large spot and lots of shows. 2 floors with the top one overlooking the stage and being the only one with seats, however, seats could be set up for the show.

The Pig Pen is a huge place that could be set up for a show, usually a dance club. Has a stage. 89k and Pig Pen have very good locations as well, the entertainment district.

I hear the show house would be suitable as well, never been.