Looking for beginners adult English class


I am just wondering what is the going rate to join a class to learn English? and what is a good training center; for adult English classes?

A friend of mine is looking to join a beginners English class and asked me to help. New Taipei, south side of the city.

Appreciate any advice.


Pas pour toi? :joy:

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Ha ha, no, Actually I am going to be helping her too… but also she wants to join a class, porque ella no confia en mi acento


Know a few in Taichung , but there are so many cunning linguists on here , I’m sure you will find one in Taipei .


We called into two places, but its like they are not cheap and don’t have the appearance of goodness. 500 an hour for a group class seems steep to me, and thats what we were quoted


Where charged 500 an hour? That’s around British Council rates and I thought they were the most expensive buxiban.

250 to 300 an hour is standard for an adult group class.

EDIT: I may be out of date here. I haven’t been involved in buxiban teaching for almost a decade.


Gjun aka 巨匠美語 . She did the trial class and it turns out the 500 is for a two hour class. It went well, but then when she started to sign up they wanted payment for 36,000 NT of classes up front. So that became a no go.