Looking for biking partners?

Just to see if there is anyone who is also interested in biking and would like to hang out from time to time.

I like biking ,too^^

You should both probably post where you’re located. I mean what city at least, if not a bit more specific.

Plus maybe what kind of cycling you’re into…10 km saunters on the bike paths or 150 km suffer fests on out-of category mountain climbs

Hey, welcome to Forumosa. If you’re just looking for a regular old cycling partner, you should probably post in the Cycling forum (you’ll find it the Sports forum) rather than in Dating and Relationships. Unless you’re looking for an attractive partner of the opposite sex, that is. I’m sure we’d all welcome that. :slight_smile:

Yo I bike too. There’s a nice trail around the Keelung river if anyone’s interested.

I’d be down to bike, hang out, or whatever.