Looking for bloggers and ESL industry experts

We are a new ESL job board. [color=#00BF00]we are looking for writers with a sarcastic twist on life and work in Taiwan.[/color] checkout the link below if your interested.

[color=#FF0000]link exchanges[/color], [color=#FF8000]questions,[/color] [color=#80BF00]comments[/color], [color=#800000]business ideas?[/color] email: [color=#0000FF]info@esljobs[/color]

of course we are looking for those who really love Taiwan, someone who can approach the subject with a huge amount of humor and a bit of tongue in cheek prose.

Money? 15USD per 300-500 word article? 450NT a pop. we are a meager startup. our focus is going to be just ESL jobs and a fun blog. the more the merrier…