Looking for Books!

We’ve also got PILES :shock: of really good books - mostly bestseller novels - almost all of them are like new. I’ve been looking for someone to swap with for a long time. The second hand book market here just doesn’t seem to be very well organized. I’d be interested to speak to you about maybe swapping some titles. Please email rpcc@ms67.hinet.net to get a complete list of the books we have available.

The main Eslite (Renai/Dunhua) is having a HUGE sale now in B3. Lots of books 50% off and more. Mostly English. All genres.

I think today is the last day of the Eslite sale, so don’t put off going.

For any of you newbies who’ve never been there, the whole Eslite complex is very nice and well worth a special trip. Take the MRT to Chung-hsiao - Tunhua and go out exit 6. Walk two or three minutes and you’re there.

As for second-hand books, Simon runs a service at Grandma Nitti’s on Sundays. I recommend it.

See this thread.

If your just looking, Grandma Nitti’s on ShiDa Rd has a large collection of English books.

Anyone have the Left Behind series? I have the first book, but am interested in the 2 thru 4.