Looking for candidates - any referrals?


I am very new to this forum. Happen to chance upon this forum and am trying my luck here if i could get some contacts or if anyone knows of someone who is looking for a job at Tpe?

Recently, my company have open a new office in Tpe and I have been seeking for candidates for the past two months to assist me in my backend work. Am looking for admin and accounts and require that they are able to speak and understand basic English. However, I have been hitting the nails and with very low response or nothing at all. I did advertise on 1111 n 104 which i heard that these 2 employments online are the most popular. At the same time, i did look for employment agencies as well.

Is basic English candidates hard to find in Tpe? I dont require them to be fluent in the language. Just basic. Like accounting terms in English and be able to converse to us in simple English via email or skype.


Is your problem that applicants have very poor English? People often overestimate their language skills: “I took English in middle and high school, so I speak basic English!” You may want to change the job posting to say require 精通 or 上等 English – even if that’s not really what you need.

If your problem is that nobody is applying at all, it could have to do with the salary offered or other factors. People who have truly exceptional English usually know how much they’re worth.


Please do not be offended by my posting. I dont mean it in any bad way or whatsoever. I am seeking if there are any other channels for me to look into or are there any referrals?

Is not my problem that applicants have poor enlgish and i don’t mean to be rude as well. Please dont take it out of context.

Love Taiwan as it is and am trying to understand the employments in TW as well. I believe the salary range is within the expectations.


Sorry if I made you feel I was taking offense, just trying to give advice! (Now we’ve both apologized to one another :stuck_out_tongue: )

Have you tried posting on boards at local universities near the English departments or post ads on TW job sites aimed at former English teachers (born and raised in Taiwan).